September 14, 2008

ALL of the players DAZZLED!

Auburn Hills hosted a TREMENDOUS PICKLEBALL Tournament! Auburn Hills gave the players t-shirts, bottled water, fruit, cookies, coffee, and TROPHIES! Trophies - another MI PICKLEBALL first!

The song goes "girls just want to have fun"...and that's sort-of-kind-of-maybe true. I'm a recreational player and I do play "just for the fun of it!" But when I walked in the gym and saw the trophies lined up on the award table (silly as it is) I coveted THAT trophy! I have an attic filled with my kiddos' trophies, but this was the first time I ever entered a sporting event that awarded trophies. I could taste and smell the 'bragging rights' to THAT trophy! I got serious. Well, as serious as you can get playing a game with the name "pickleball" :). My partner shined and I played my personal best. I don't know what it's called in the sport's world when there is a surprise win, but whatever it's called my partner and I did it! In a line up of formidable players, my partner and I took second place. I won THAT trophy! A real TROPHY! A trophy that reads "Auburn Hills Senior Services Fall Fest 08 Women's 50+ Intermediate 2nd Place"! How fun is that! My 1st and MI's 1st ever PICKLEBALL TROPHY ;) !

And then, the more challenging AND even more fun (it is possible!?!) part of the day! In the afternoon, I served as ref for the men's games! Thank God for the USAPA Rules Chairman and his behind the scenes support! (Shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell my players. When I have the clipboard I sound like I know what I'm doing. But it's a little posturing and a lot of head knowledge. Anyway my reputation goes before me as a ref that doesn't take any gruff. And I plan to keep it that way... :)

Three CHEERS for the Auburn Hills Community Center! They sure do know how to host a tremendous PICKLEBALL Tournament! MI players had a full day of FUN! ALL of the players DAZZLED!

Most of us are ready to do it all over again at the Troy, MI 50+ Pickleball Doubles Tournament, Sept 26, 2008. Here's the flyer/registration form . A warm and friendly MI welcome to ALL 50+ pickleball players -- recreational and competitive -- to register and enjoy the Troy tourney..."just for the fun of it!"