September 24, 2008

Celebrating 143 MI Tournament Athletes!

The MI Pickleball blog has a new feature ~

Bottom Line: USAPA Official Tournament Rulebook

dedicated with highest personal regards to

the 143 MI PICKLEBALL 2008 Tournament Athletes

"...during a tournament is where referees and players alike
find out what the rules of pickleball really are."
Dennis Duey, USAPA Rules Chairman

I carry an updated, dogeared and highlighted copy of the USAPA Official Tournament Rulebook in my gym bag. Still even reading the rules, rereading the rules and reading the rules again AND again - some rules just don't 'pop out' at me until a player 'discussion' ensues at a tourney.

Embracing the 'discussions' as teaching moments, I go home from a tourney and reread the rules. I also request and receive corrections, clarifications and exposition from the USAPA. (Same day responsiveness to the needs of tournament officials is one of the many ways the USAPA leadership wows me! Tournament time is a great time to show your appreciation to the USAPA by becoming a member! )

Rules are foundational to the challenge and enjoyment of any game. Like the game itself, pickleball rules pull from other sports, but are not a carbon copy. The "Bottom Line" will begin by highlighting rules that came into 'discussion' during tournaments and go from there. The USAPA link that gives you free access to the USAPA Official Tournament Rulebook is also included. The Rulebook, 29 pages, is on my recommended reading list for the officials and the 40 players registered for this Friday's Troy Tournament.

Scroll to the bottom of the blog to read the 1st "Bottom Line" posting. Highlighted is a rule that I've been wrong about: Yelling "OUT!" (I can hear you on the other side of this computer -- "I knew she was wrong!" Enjoy it -- it might be your only chance to say -- "I told you so!")

Yours in pickleball, Janet Razz aka "The Princess Ref"