September 11, 2008

Communication is a Gift!

I'm a great referee. I've got good assessment skills and an ability to assimilate new information fairly easily. I'm smart, quick, honest, fair, bold, loud, even tempered, funloving, and humble. Most of all I love people and encouraging health and well being in the people I love. (MSO players may be 'booing' by now - but behind my back so I won't give them a technical warning :) I'm a terrible cook, it's easy for me to stay out of the 'kitchen'! And the laundry room. I much prefer the title 'princess' to 'manager'. I freeze at the thought of ____well that's TMI for a blog. Growing PICKLEBALL in MI will include players having a right estimation of their skills/abilities/desires. AND deciding how/if they want to use those talents in the pickleball community. Dick Manasseri our Great Lakes USAPA Ambassador has authored a 2008 Pickleball Players Forum look for it to arrive via e-mail soon. OR maybe one of you wise wwwers will teach me how to post The Forum on this site. It's not wise to stretch cold muscles. Warm-ups are essential to happy healthy pickleball. The MI PICKLEBALL blog is a 'warm-up' exercise. I've invited several leaders in our pickleball communities including USAPA Ambassadors to be blog authors. I don't know what that means yet...let's learn together. Communication is a gift!