September 8, 2008

Grandma found her game!

Michigan PICKEBALL courts boast physical education teachers, lifelong coaches, pros and long time competitors in tennis, racquetball, and badminton. These players have strategy! And a backhand! I, on the other hand, never played sports. That all changed the day Greenie gently told me, "it would help if you watch the ball" -- Grandma found her game!

And so did 250+ Michiganders! Pat Sullivan, Dick Manesseri and many many others cooperated in tilling the soil. PICKLEBALL games, ladders leagues, and tournaments began sprouting up! Pickleball indoors and outdoors, pickleball for seniors and younger friends, pickleball for recreational players and the toughest competitors, pickleball on weekdays and weekends!!!

The three enemies of Tai Chi are lack of persistence, greed, and hurry. Those are also the enemies of pickleball. I began to practice "Chi Pickleball"! Pat taught me to dink, "Mo" taught me to reduce my "unforced errors", and Lewis taught me -- well a lot! But he is still working on teaching me a backhand...This self disclosure is a little risky to post for my opponents to read just before this Saturday's Auburn Hills Outdoor Tournament. But this blog, like my favorite pickle is deli-fresh and a little crunchy.

Blogging is all new to me. I don't know an upload from a download, so I'm thinking one of you in the pickleball community would enjoy teaching me this game - or, better yet, beating me at it! Let's communicate about how we can continue to "grow" pickleball in Michigan!

The excitement we've seen is the last 12 months is only the beginning! Next Michiganders are going to stop asking, "What's PICKLEBALL?" And start asking, "Where can I play PICKLEBALL!?!"

Post comments...and let me know what is your favorite pickle?!?