September 19, 2008

Great Lakes Ambassador ~ Pickleball News

Dick Manasseri, USAPA Great Lakes Ambassador sent his Pickleball News out to a large number of MI Pickleball players this morning via email. Here it is again for ALL to enjoy accessing and sharing. ALL MI Pickleball players deeply appreciated ALL Dick is doing to 'grow' pickleball in Michigan and in the Great Lakes Region! Thank you Dick!

Cross Border Pickleball TalkHave you checked out the new Pickleball blog, MI Pickleball?

Janet Razz started the blog 2 weeks ago and it is already loaded with stories, pictures, links, place to play, etc. Janet and Wayne Roswell, author of the The Official Pickleball Website for The Province of Ontario, have struck up a cross border blog conversation:

Janet: "Pickleball MI style! Recreational AND Competitive! Seniors AND Younger Friends! Eastsiders vs Westsiders! AND now - "friendly cross border rivalry"! See what our neighbors in Ontario are saying about MI Pickleball at

Wayne: "Welcome to Our Fellow Pickleball Players Across the Border I would like to welcome our friends and fellow Pickleball players from just across the river in the State of Michigan. Welcome Michiganders! Michigan is holding several tournaments this month and as I mentioned earlier in this blog, I think some Ontarians should go down and play. You will have fun and make some new Pickleball friends."

Pickleball NewsMuch of the type of information that we have shared in these newsletters is now available in a timelier manner on the MI Pickleball blog. Please visit the blog regularly to check out the news:

MI TournamentsOPC Rochester 08Fall Ladder Leagues Fridays 11:00 and 5:00
Troy 50+ Doubles Tournament Friday, September 26, 2008

MI Pickleball Demo Clinics
09/21/08 Midland Community Center
09/23/08 Ferndale
09/25/08 International Academy Bloomfield Hills
09/27/08 Brookwood Country Club

Offer comments or submit articles to MI Pickleball about what's happening in your area.

There will be a Great Lakes Regional Website with links to state and province websites. Please become an active reader/contributor to MI Pickleball and provide feedback on what is needed. If you are interested in starting a blog in your state, just let us know and we can help.

Auburn Hills Tournament - excerpts from MI Pickleball"Auburn Hills hosted a tremendous Pickleball Tournament! Three CHEERS for the Auburn Hills Community Center! They sure do know how to host a tremendous PICKLEBALL Tournament! MI players had a full day of FUN!"

The results are posted at the USAPA website

Register for the Troy Tournament – Friday September 26thexcerpts from MI Pickleball
"Most of us are ready to do it all over again at the
Troy, MI 50+ Pickleball Doubles Tournament, September 26, 2008. Here's the flyer/registration form ."

Check out who's already registered at

Winter Day and Night Ladders at OPC Rochester Start November 14thContact Janet Razz to register - "Janet Razz"

MSO Doubleheader in 2009Mark your calendar - February 2nd-4th. The Michigan Senior Olympics (MSO) has established Pickleball as an integral part of the 2009 Winter Games in February as well as the Summer Games in July. This means that one Membership fee for 2009 can be applied for both Games. Details will be coming soon.