September 25, 2008

imagine the future of OPC...

  • Oakland Seniors Invitational Pickleball Tournament February 2008
  • MSO Pickleball Instructional Clinic Featuring Lewis Forrest May 2008
  • Pickleballmania Tournaments MD, WD, MX, MS, WS July 2008
  • MSO 2008 Summer Pickleball Games
  • MSO 2009 Winter Pickleball Games - SAVE THE DATE: February 2, 3, 4
  • Weekly OPC Rochester Pickleball Ladder Tournaments
  • Weekly Free Beginner Pickleball Lessons for OPC Members
  • Weekly A Dozen Hours of 4 Season Drop-in Pickleball

Tonight is the OPC Greater Rochester Area Community Meeting. Like every weeknight at the OPC, pickleball players will be a positive presence. MI Pickleball players extend our deep appreciation to Marye E. Miller for being a visionary courageous enough to "imagine"... ... ... "OPC! A great place to be!"

OPC! A great place to play PICKLEBALL!