September 22, 2008

Midland MI Welcomes Pickleball!

USAPA Places to Play has a new MI listing:
Midland Community Center
"Developing Individuals, Creating Community"

Papa Razz, kindly drove Dick Manasseri and I to the Midland Community Center for a pickleball demo clinic on Sunday. We left home early to get the drive underway. Thus we missed church for pickleball. Papa Razz, always a punster, told the kiddos God would approve because pickleballs are "holey". (Are you grinning or groaning? :)

Midland Community Center got an early start too! Ryan Longoria, Assistant Athletics Manager, welcomed us with a marque streetside announcing the big event! AND a box full of new pickleball equipment! AND a two gyms for active players of all ages! Ryan introduced Pickleball to Midland and it was love at first game. Doug Kant, Dave Sierawski, Pam Piger and Mike Rusaw, Certified Villages' Pickleball Instructor, helped rotate players on and off five courts -- the men sweating -- the women glistening -- the boys undaunted!!! No Sunday afternoon nap for these folks. 3 hours of friends and family enjoying a fun yet challenging fitness activity, in one of Michigan's premier community that's wholly good -- that's PICKLEBALL!!!

For the final match, two of the boys partnered up against MSO 2008 medal winners Mike Rusaw and Pam Piger. The hard shots in the first rally were so incredible, it was evident there would be no patronizing in this game! Then one of the boys delivered a soft shot with such finesse he jolted the fans and his opponents into cheering! This game between two skilled young athletes and two skilled 50+ athletes was, without question, the most intense PICKLEBALL I've ever watch! And this is only the beginning!!!