September 17, 2008

MI Flowers!

Do you look forward to your perennial flowers blooming each year? Growing up, my Detroit backyard was filled with deep purple and royal gold prize iris blooms. MI weeping cherry flowers in May. I have photos of all of my kiddos in university regalia in front of that MI beauty. Ever notice how a flower or flowering tree can lead you down memory lane? MI flowers and trees mark the seasons of the year and the seasons of our lives. I have a folder of pictures on my computer labeled "Our Flowers". It's a taste of home, for my out-of-staters, to receive a photo of a freshly blossomed MI garden jewel. When I downloaded MSO pickleball photos I mistakenly placed them in the folder labeled "Our Flowers". Here's the result ~ side by side beauties! Our PICKLEBALL Flower, a GOLD medal winner, a garden jewel that everyone loves! Thankfully MI PICKLEBALL is a 4 season sport. We enjoy the beauty of the game and the beauty of the relationships all year long! PICKLEBALL for every season of LIFE!