September 18, 2008

MI Pickleball Players' Bench Chat ~ with Arlene

" This past Monday, I met three of my dear "high" school friends of 46 years at the Salter Center in Royal Oak. I kept telling them how great Pickleball was, and that they had a great facility to play at in Royal Oak, where they all live. So I introduced them to Pat Sullivan, whom some of you met at the MSO. Wouldn't you know it? they had a common friend and had previously met, although forgetting exactly where or when. Since my friends are Irish, they got along just great with Pat. Pat spend almost two hours showing them how to play and playing with them. My friends are hooked. And wouldn't you know, one of them took another friend on Wednesday to the Salter Center to try it out. They're all ordering paddles. The irony is that Picklelball was right in their neighborhood, but they needed their friend to invite them and take them to their own facility. So now there are four more Pickleball players in Michigan, and I have another place to play and more people to play with....if they don't get too good for me. "

"As an aside, the Salter Center is located on Lincoln, just west of Campbell between 10 and 11 mile Rd. They have a lovely facility with three courts like OPC. Currently they play 11:00 - 1:00 Monday and Wednesday and it's $1 for anyone (resident or not). They're thinking of adding more time." Storyteller ~ Arlene!

MI Pickleball Players' Bench Chat is a regular feature of the MI Pickleball blog. ALL MI players are invited to email their story to me for posting. I learned bloggers call this "content". I call it lively conversation -- my favorite entertainment on and off the courts! Thank you Arlene for being the 1st Bench Chat contributor AND for taking home the 2nd Place Trophy in the Auburn Hills Tourney! Well Done Partner!