October 26, 2008

Guessing Games!

Snow on the Pumpkin ~ Reflections by Dawn

My large 4 generation extended family plays "Family Trivia" Guessing Games via email. The first person to hit "reply all" with the correct answer is the WINNER! The last challenge was: List ALL of the countries a pair of well traveled Aunties have visited! The PRIZE went to one of our many Oakland University grads! Thus the bounce to today's family question...

For the family today's question is: How many Oakland University diplomas have been awarded to members of our family AND what are the major fields of study AND what are OU's colors?!?

For MI PICKLEBALL Players, today's challenge is: List ALL of the USA Pickleball Association 2008 MI PICKLEBALL Completed Tournaments AND the two USAPA Michigan Ladder Leagues AND name the upcoming SE Michigan Great Lakes Pickleball December 28, 2008 Tourney.

You may email your answers to MIPickleball@gmail.com OR post your best guess as a comment on the blog. First player with the correct answer is the WINNER! I don't know if the cousin that listed ALL the countries is a geography whiz or if she went to our Aunties' home to look at the travel map with the push pins in it :) ! We don't call that 'cheating', we call that 'using all of your resources!'; so it's fair play to research the answers at the USAPA Tourney webpages and the USAPA Ladder League webpages.


MI Pickleball Players that are SNOWBIRDS have begun their migration. WE MISS YOU ALREADY! The family email guessing games started as a SNOW DAY activity. Did you notice the similarity between the words: "WINTER" and "WINNER"?!? MI winters are part of what give Michiganders our "GRIT"! Our COMPETITIVE EDGE! Our GO FOR THE GOLD SPIRIT! SAVE THE DATE: February 2, 3, and 4 MSO 2009 WINTER PICKLEBALL GAMES!!! Maybe -- just maybe :) -- MI Pickleball will reverse the SNOWBIRD effect and Players from AZ and FL will fly TO MI for MSO 2009 WINTER PICKLEBALL!

FINE PRINT: The family does indeed award REAL PRIZES for the guessing games! Sometimes sweet and sometimes dill -- depending on what's in the 'regifting' drawer on any given day. The MI PICKLEBALL PLAYER Blog Guessing Game PRIZE is_______________! WIN TO FIND OUT !!!