October 7, 2008

MI Pickleball ~ Meet Your USAPA Ambassador

USAPA Ambassador Dick Draigh - Grand Rapids MI

Dick and his bride, Barb, with their granddaughter

"This is a shot taken during a mini-celebration while on vacation at Watervale Inn in Arcadia, MI. Barb and I started playing pickleball in FL several years ago, and I was surprised to find that there was no place in Grand Rapids, MI (our home) to play. This led to my self-appointment as the Ambassador for Grand Rapids. So far I have been able to establish a class that I teach at East Hills Athletic Club through the Forest Hills Public Schools Continuing Ed program. The AC painted lines for three courts on the floor of a multi-purpose area, and we use temporary nets. My hope is that the program will expand to the point that the club will convert a tennis court(s) to official pickleball courts some day. In addition, we also chalk the lines on a tennis court at the Ada Township Park and have been playing there at lease once a week with neighbors and friends. The park supervisor has promised to paint lines for pickleball next spring, and would like to incorporate it into his summer program for kids."

Stay out of the kitchen!! Dick Draigh Ambassador, Grand Rapids, MI