October 4, 2008

more storyteller than statistician

In my v e r y l o n g 'career' as a mother and my very short 'career' in sports management, I've learned that mothers must never 'play' favorites and sports is a lot about 'playing' favorites. I've learned there are a lot of numbers in sports. And a lot of measuring. I've learned when the men start 'discussing' 36 inches on the ends with a 34" sag in the middle - they are talking about the nets.

9 weeks into a 13 week season, I took a deep breath, gathered chi and sat down to write a report to the team. I'm a quick study, so I knew to have any credibility I must include NUMBERS and STATS. Especially since our Great Lakes Ambassador is a mathematician. And 2 of our MI USAPA Ambassadors manage the MSO DanceSport Competition!! I've watched The King & I - there's a lot of counting in dance - 1, 2, 3, and 1, 2, 3 and 1, 2, 3 and... Daunting!!! The only dance I do is a little 'kitchen dance' every time MI has a USAPA Member join/renew. I did 2 'kitchen dances' this week!! Thank you Liz! Thank you Lita!

Notes and Numbers from a grannie, princess ref/manager...

  • by mid game - it takes 4 players and 1 princess ref to remember if the server is a 1 or a 2...OR for that matter to remember who served 'that' pickleball
  • swimmers have 97.0005682492% more numbers than pickleball players -- pickleball games have 97.0005682493% more laughing out loud than swimming meets
  • 19 out of the 56 OPC Rochester Ladder Players and Subs* are USA Pickleball Association Members! WoWiE! zOwIe! That's 33.9285714% !
  • 16 men players + 18 women players + 10 men subs + 12 women subs + 7 gym hours + pickleballs + paddles + USAPA stats and standings = S P E T A C U L A R FUN!
  • 99+ Villages, FL "wind-screened outdoor pickleball only courts" turned 1 pickleball blogger 27 shades of G R E E N ! (Does MI's 33.9285714% USAPA membership turn the Villages just a little green? Let's do the math...if FL boast 700ish+ picklers -- to nip at MI's heels -- FL's target would kind-of-sort-of-maybe be set at 237.49999 USAPA members! FL could round up to 250 because FL also has SUNSHINE!!! Lucky ducks!!!)
  • Tickled P I N K Smith Middle School in Troy, MI now has 1 outdoor court with taped pickleball lines (1 court close to home is worth 99+ elsewhere...)
  • HUGE thanks to the Pink Ladies for enriching the MI pickleball experience!
  • 2 Westsiders won the 4 1st Place Men's Doubles prizes in the 2 MI 9/2008 48326 and 48083 tournaments
  • 2 Pink Ladies won the 4 1st Place Women's Doubles prizes in the 2 MI 9/2008 48326 and 48083 tournaments
  • MSO 2009 Winter Pickleball Games are February 2, 3, 4 and 1 worthy goal for MI pickleball players is to learn to count the score to 15 in American Sign Language prior to the registration deadline of December 31, 2008
  • And my favorite players will learn to sign my favorite word: "PLAY" !
Did you ever delight in reading Eric Carle's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar? "As a child, Eric Carle claims to have been much more of a philosopher than a mathematician. He recalls his difficulties this way: 'If you told me that there were two apples in a bowl and one was taken away and then asked me how many apples were left I wasn't sure. You can't really take away an apple. You can eat it or make cider out of it or hide it under a basket, but the apple is still an apple and it isn't really gone...'"
  • 1 quote tells the whole story: "I have joined usapa for 3 yrs...I'm committed to having fun." Janette Andrews, MSO Gold Medalist


Yours in pickleball, Janet Razz

FINE PRINT: MI's UP is famous for it's delicious FUDGE! Some of the numbers in this report may have been sweetened with a little downstate MI fudge. MI and FL share Dick Greenfield! Greenie is a FL USAPA Ambassador. AND a MI Ladder Sub, ref, skills clinic instructor, pickleball mentor, dearly loved friend...