November 1, 2008

Come and Enjoy: "Pick a Pickleball Pair"

First with your eyes wide open, enjoy this delicious photograph: Michigan Pear ~ Reflections by Dawn! Now, I'm taking a PRIVATE show of hands. Everybody close your eyes so you can't see your neighbors responses. Ladies, raise your hand if you are of the generation where a girl NEVER 'called' a boy. Gentlemen, raise your hand (promise nobody is looking but me) if you are still just a little shy to 'make the first move'. No peeking, be absolutely sure you have your eyes closed! Ladies and gentlemen, raise your hand if your spouse has been your only 'partner'. That WAS the case for me BP - Before Pickleball. Now I have ONE long and faithful marriage. And MANY pickleball partners. (I'm so squeaky clean, even if I was running for president, the paparazzi couldn't find an interesting story on me. I not only never played sports, before falling in love with pickleball, I never played 'the field'.) I'm the classic shy extrovert. The first time I needed to ask a man to be my MIXED DOUBLES PICKLEBALL partner, I did the logical thing. I asked my girlfriend, Liz, to ask someone for me!

MSO - MI Great Lakes Pickleball Instructional Skills Clinic
Presented by Renard Kolasa
  • Wednesday, November 12 at 1:00 - 4:00

  • The OPC Gym, 650 Letica Drive, Rochester, MI 48307

  • Free to 2008 and 2009 Michigan Senior Olympics Members
  • Cost: $5.00 Non-members
  • Registration required for members and non-members
  • To request the registration form email:

The Skills Clinic is a great way to develop a winning strategy for the February MSO Winter Pickleball Games. In addition to tips and training, the Clinic agenda includes an introduction to the partner search process. Pare down the guess work (and the jitters) of picking a MSO Doubles Partner, come to the Clinic and enjoy the partner search process. Come and enjoy: "Pick a Pickleball Pair"!

For those of you that like MATH puzzles more than puzzling relationship questions: Papa Razz and I met, standing in line near a coal heated building, on cold 1958 January morning. He popped THE QUESTION, while we were eating Michigan cantaloupe, on an adventurous May day, 18 years later. He said: "I love you, but we can't elope..." He sang too! "Meet Me Somewhere in Your Dreams" by Doc Watson... Back to the MATH -- November 13, 2008 is our 32nd wedding anniversary. If my MSO partner is 60+ years of age -- he/she will have to play down an age bracket. If my MSO partner is under 55 years of age -- I will have to play down an age bracket. What was my age bracket when I first meet Papa Razz?!? And everyday is still... ... ... an adventure!"