November 13, 2008

Happy 'Hobbit' Birthday Renard Kolasa

J.R.R. Tolkien authored the classic stories telling of the Hobbits and their folklore. Hobbits have a wonderful custom of giving others gifts on their own birthdays, preferably something memorable that will give pleasure throughout the entire year! A "Hobbit Birthday" is a great way to celebrate life and living! And that's just what Renard Kolasa did for his birthday celebration! Renard blessed the more than 70 Michigan Pickleball Players that attended the MSO - Michigan Great Lakes Pickleball Instructional Skills Clinic, November 12, 2008. Yesterday was a glorious day in the life of pickleball at the OPC Rochester, a true festival of friends! Thank you Renard for gifting us with your instruction and your friendship! Click the link to read and enjoy Renard's Skills Clinic handout: "Six Sets of Five" by Renard J. Kolasa
Happy 'Hobbit' Birthday Renard!
MI Pickleball Players THANK YOU for your generosity!
We will enjoy your gift for the entire year and...happily ever after!