November 29, 2008

Insight and Website of Richard Movsessian

"Whoa! You put a lot of spin on that ball!" I heard that a few times, yesterday. That "spin" may have earned me some new respect among my betters on the pickleball courts. But if they only knew... ... ... each time they said the word "spin", my non-sports mind spun to the cycle on my washing machine.

Wise enough to know what to leave to the pros, I will once again recommend the insight and website of Richard Movsessian aka "Mo". Today is a good day to visit the laundry room, toss that pile of exercise clothes into the washer and then relax (with the last of the Thanksgiving Day leftovers-yummers!) to enjoy MoPickleball/Helpful tips for improving your pickleball game . Thank you, Mo! Happy to spend the morning learning from your experience!