November 10, 2008

MSO 2009 Winter Festival Athlete Registation

Softball Players! Tennis Players! Badminton Players! Racquetball Players! Table Tennis Players!

Downstate Michigan is receiving the seasons' first gentle flutter of snowflakes. A good time to plan to "TURN UP THE HEAT!" You've heard of the game PICKLEBALL! Maybe you've even seen it played.
For the first time PICKLEBALL is a Michigan Senior Olympics 2009 Winter Games medal sport! PICKLEBALL wants to be your opportunity to take home 'The GOLD'..."just for the FUN of it!"

Men and women that have played softball, badminton, tennis, racquetball, and table tennis have great success quickly picking up the game of PICKLEBALL! They find it an easy game to learn and enjoyable game to play. The challenge of ball placement is captivating! The "POP!" of the ball is a welcome motivator! Mastering the game is filled with surprises!

Consider making PICKLEBALL your Michigan Senior Olympics winter sport. The FUN, friends, and fitness of PICKLEBALL await you! Come show us 'what you've got'!

February 2, 2009 MSO Pickleball Women's Doubles and Men's Doubles
February 3, 2009 MSO Pickleball Mixed Doubles and KARAOKE SOCIAL!
February 4, 2009 MSO Pickleball Men's Singles and Women's Singles