November 3, 2008

Michigan MXG Pickleball ~ by Betsy Kamp

Mixed Generation (MXG) Driveway PICKLEBALL

On November 1st I had a family gathering in which some of us played Pickleball on my driveway. We had 2 generations with me (Grandma Bets), my daughter, my son, and my cousin. We played doubles most of the afternoon. I was the only one who had played before, but the younger generation caught on quickly. Each of them enjoyed it so much that they are going to suggest to their sport club manager that the game be introduced to the club members. So perhaps Madison, WI. and Hudson, Ohio will start a Pickleball group.
One note of interest: My daughter has a dog named Gracie and in a short time we were playing "Gracieball". Shortly Gracie was taken inside the house and we continued playing Pickleball!