November 8, 2008

"Quick! Bold! Ingenious!"

Dear OPC Rochester Pickleball Ladder Players,

THANK YOU for being my Pickleball Blessings!

Thank you for your gifts of friendship and of FUN! I will use your generous gift of money to enter and enjoy the MSO 2009 Winter Pickleball Games! I'll even s t r e t c h to play Women's Singles..."just for the FUN of it!" Thank you!

The OPC Rochester Ladder Award Night was a very special gathering of friends, both at the dinner tables (from 5:01-6:13) and on the courts (from 6:15-8:48). The clock was the storyteller. We spent more than twice as long playing as we did eating! That has to be good! Yesterday was one of those perfect days in life - when everything goes better than you can hope or imagine! Thank you!

Special thanks to Matt, Krystee, Jason, Rose, Alice, Judy, Ruth and ALL her staff, for being 'at our service'. Special thanks to Janette for being our calligrapher and Jeanne for being our photographer! (The first round of happy memories is on the sidebar slideshow, more to come soon.)

Papa Razz is making a color copy of my Ladder Participation Certificate, so we can double the pleasure and post it on my mom's refrigerator too :). Maybe I'll have a third copy made to post on the church bulletin board. Churches have long enjoyed softball teams and bowling leagues. If they only knew about the fellowship we enjoy playing PICKLEBALL... ... ...! OPC hosts an annual "Invite Your Pastor To Lunch" day. Maybe Michigan Great Lakes Pickleball will host an "Invite Your Pastor To Pickleball" game?!? Maybe I'll wear my NEW "Ask me about PICKLEBALL" shirt to church tomorrow :) ... ... ...?!? Thank you Dick!

Ladder Players, CONGRATULATIONS on your fitness level! A sustained hour playing pickleball is a great cardiovascular workout! YOU earned the bragging rights to your Ladder Participation Certificates! Show them to your neighbors, friends and family! Enjoy ALL the well deserved praise that goes your way! You are "QUICK, BOLD, and INGENIOUS" Professional Pickleball Players! What a great way to enjoy this season of LIFE!

ONE MORE PRIZE TO AWARD: How many times is the word "pickleball" used in this post?!? The first OPC Rochester Ladder player that emails the correct answer to me at is the WINNER of a beautiful LIME GREEN PICKLEBALL!

Gratitude and love, xox Janet