December 24, 2008

Merry Tournament to ALL!

Gathering to read, like gathering for worship and feasting and gift-giving, is part of the Holiday tradition embraced by Michiganders.

Most of us grew up hearing and reading the story, 'Twas the night before Christmas..." and most of us know how the story ends. "....Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!" Some of you may even be able to recite the story from memory.

Most MI Tournament Pickleball Players grow up in the game hearing and reading the "USAPA Official Tournament Rulebook" and most of us know that makes for "...A Merry Tournament to all! And to all a good game!"

Need a book to read while you are staying awake to sneak a peek at Santa coming down the chimney? Need a book to read that will put the little children to sleep, but hold your attention? Need a book to read while you are properly allocating Santa's milk and cookies?

Book Recommendations
I daily herald PICKLEBALL as Michigan's good news story!
The angels herald God "pleased as man with men to dwell"!

God is with us and happy to be with that's Good News!

!!! Merry Christmas !!!
  • Pickleball Referee Training Session
  • Monday, December 29 at 1:00
  • The Crittenton Wellness Center at the OPC
  • OPC, 650 Letica Drive, Rochester, MI 48307
  • Adults of ALL Ages Welcome
  • No Registration or RSVP Required.