November 18, 2008

USAPA Ambassadors Meet, Greet, and Beat?!?* High School Students

Michiganders love experiencing the broad spectrum of life! Today Michiganders are enjoying BRIGHT SUN and COLD SNOW! Today two USAPA Ambassadors, senior citizens, are enjoying a PICKLEBALL "challenge match" with high school students! (If you've read any of my posts, you know I don't excel in math, science, or sports. So - all you science majors out there prepare to cringe.) Oh happy 'electromagnetic spectrum' day in the life of MI Pickleball players of ALL ages! Read what our very own math, science, and sports guy, Dick Manasseri, says about Mixed Generation Pickleball!

Pickleball News by Dick Manasseri

The Fun of Finding the Younger Players

A senior borrows the portable Pickleball net provided for training by the USAPA, puts it up in her driveway and teaches her children and grandchildren how to play, laugh, and exercise all at the same time.

A young recreation coordinator hosts drop-in play for all ages at the Midland Community Center on Sunday afternoons and is interested in hosting tournaments there for all ages.

A senior invites his 25 year old nephew to the Troy Community Center to share in the fun of Sunday night Pickleball.

A young senior takes 150 of her high school students through an extended Pickleball program that culminates with a spirited tournament and a challenge match with local seniors.

The physical education teacher host Pickleball sessions for over 100 other physical education professionals at the annual MAHPERD conference in Grand Rapids. These health and fitness attendees are then surveyed to see if they and/or their students are interested in free in-school clinics and other activities that will include the 2009 Michigan State Pickleball games with brackets for the younger players 14 & Under, 18 & Under, 18+, 35+, as well as 50+ and 60+. The survey results show that there is interest in having seniors visit schools to host demo/clinics and initiate intramural Pickleball programs.

Demo/clinics and presentations are planned for county Recreation Center coordinators as well as the statewide Michigan Parks and Recreation Association (MPRA) conference in Dearborn to establish greater awareness of the demand for Pickleball programs. The demand is derived from the desire of seniors to play with younger family members and friends as well as the enthusiasm for the game amongst students who want to play outside school, maybe even with their parents and grandparents.

A model for this mixed generation energy that encompasses the family reunion exuberance of the Christmas Holiday Season is the Mixed Generation Holiday Pickleball Festival at the Troy Community Center on Sunday December 28. Round Robin Recreational Games on 7 courts will be held 6-8pm with Round Robin Competitive Games held 8-10pm. Pick your partners and register early as the number of teams is limited.

Mixed Generation Holiday Pickleball Festival Registration Form

*Ramblers! If you BEAT these guys, I want to know about it! Post your comments, post your bragging rights...This game has a silly name -- but it boasts some serious competition! Envision PICKLEBALL on your "Wall of Pride"! Go Ramblers! Go Pickleball Players of ALL Ages!