December 12, 2008

HOT Games! Warm Hearts!

!!! A Ladder Of Smiling USAPA Members and Friends !!!
Barb Ash, USAPA Member! Liz Travis, USAPA Member!
MI Pickleball Congratulates the Nation's Newest USAPA Member, Albert Hung!
Alice Hodder! John Heron! Monzie Edmonds, USAPA Member!

MI Cold Weather -- burrrrrrr! MI Cold Economy -- ouchhhhhhh!

MI Warm Hearts -- Always! MI HOT PICKLEBALL -- YESsssssss!!!!!!!

Michigan's USAPA Membership numbers are catching the attention of the Nation and demonstrating Michiganders well deserved reputation for generously supporting our non-profit organizations! 29 of the 100 most recent NEW USAPA Members are Michiganders! The first step into the game of pickleball, for most players, is "paddle ownership". MI Pickleball thanks the 70 Michigan Pickleball Players that have taken that all important "next step" into the game -- USAPA Membership!