December 31, 2008

MXG Pickleball - A Wonderful Lifetime Sport!

The 2008 Mixed Generation (MXG) Holiday PICKLEBALL Festival demonstrated that Pickleball is a wonderful Lifetime Sport! SE Michigan Pickleball extends special thanks to the Troy Community Center and their facility coordinators, Carla Vaughan and Elaine Torvinen!!
  • 8 Troy Community Center courts were active for 4 hours
  • 32 teams made up of families and friends of all ages including the Gumbel and Balasia families all wearing green "The Gumbel Gherkins" t-shirts
  • Ages ranged from 11 to 74
  • 21 USAPA Members and 2 USAPA Regional Ambassadors - Dick Manasseri of the Great Lakes Region and Dick Greenfield of the South Atlantic Region - "mixed and-a-mingled in the pickling FEAT!"
  • Round Robin "Speed Pickleball" kept things moving
  • The crowd included 20 more young players being exposed to Pickleball for the first time

Oh Yes, and the results of the Competitive Matches are:

Winners - Gary Bejin and Nichole Cassell

Runner-ups - Renard Kolasa and Denver Surgener

USAPA Mixed Generation Holiday Pickleball Festival Results

Bottom line: "Let's do it again!"... "Where can I play Pickleball near where I live?"..."Are their tournaments where younger players can play?"...