December 8, 2008

OPC Rochester Wednesday Free Beginner Lessons New Start Time: 9:30 AM

The weekly FREE Beginner PICKLEBALL Lessons at the OPC Rochester MI are foundational to the successful growth of the sport at the OPC and in SE Michigan. Each week is a pleasant surprise, as new folks step into the gym and experience the "POP" of the whiffle ball on the paddle. Playing the game, they learn the answer to that question we love to hear: "What's Pickleball?!?"

If you are an OPC Member, you are invited to lace up your court shoes and come ready to experience the reason Michiganders are having serious FUN playing the game with the silly name, PICKLEBALL!

The OPC FREE Beginner PICKLEBALL Lessons are held every* Wednesday.

The NEW Start Time is 9:30 AM.

*The OPC Gym will be closed from December 22 - January 12 to refinish the floors and paint new court lines. When the OPC Gym re-opens we will have a new 4th court! Thank you, OPC!