December 22, 2008

Pickleball Blogger Gadget Challenge

Calling All Talent! Your brilliant college/career kiddos are home for the holidays. Some of them are taking up the physical challenge and playing PICKLEBALL in the MXG Tourney, December 28! Some are taking up the artistic challenge and using their gifts to create original PICKLEBALL art work! Some are using their organizational skills and taking up the challenge of clearing out basements/sparerooms, for winter PICKLEBALL practice at home sweet home. Some will be home long enough to take up the challenge of refereeing the Auburn Hills Happy New Year Tourney, January 3! Do any pickleball enthusiasts have brilliant college/career kiddos home for the holidays that know how to create a blogger gadget?!? Search for golf: 86 gadgets. Search for basketball 97 gadgets. Search for soccer 82 gadgets. Search for pickleball "did not match any gadgets". Any talented techie (of any age!) that wants to take up the 2009 challenge of creating a PICKLEBALL blogger gadget?!?