January 4, 2009

NEW! Troy, Michigan Ladder

Did you notice, when the Detroit newspapers have a lull, they dedicate and entire front page to a 0-16 season!?! No such lull here at MIPickleball.usapa.org! Yesterday, a record breaking Great Lakes Region Showcase Event, with 76% of the Player List USAPA Members! Today, a NEW USAPA Pickleball Ladder League! Three of the ten USAPA Ladder Leagues are now Michigan Great Lakes Pickleball Ladders!

Troy, Michigan Ladder

Nancy Robertson, Manager

Penny Kragh, Captain

Nancy and Penny are the Women's Doubles 1st Place Winners in the three most recent SE Michigan Great Lakes Pickleball Tournaments! In addition to having a Manager and Captain that are great players, the Troy, Michigan Ladder is hosted on Sunday nights (a great time slot for working seniors) by one of the Great Lakes Region's best pickleball facilities, the Troy Community Center.

USAPA Ladder Description

The Troy, Michigan Ladder is beginning with 16 SOLD OUT tickets. The Northville MI Ladder has 16 on the Player List and is accepting players. OPC Rochester MI Ladders currently have a total of 70 ticket holders. The next OPC Rochester Ladder season will begin April 2009. If you want information on hosting a USAPA Ladder at your pickleball facility, please contact Janet Razz, OPC Rochester MI Ladder Manger at MIPickleball@gmail.com