January 3, 2009

Pre-MSO Games a Raving Success

Today's Happy SANCTIONED New Year Tournament Sponsored by Auburn Hills Senior Services more than lived up to it's title as the First "Great Lakes Region Showcase Event"! Michelle Pozan, Tournament Director and USAPA Ambassador, set the stage for one of Michigan's finest pickleball tournaments yet! 35 of the 46 players and 3 of the officials are USAPA Members! Matthew Falerios joined the USAPA today, becoming the first Michigan USAPA Member of 2009! A Tournament photostream will be posted soon, a photostream of friends gathered to celebrate the New Year with the Great Game of the Great Lakes - PICKLEBALL!
  • Women's Doubles

1st Place - Penny Kragh and Nancy Robertson

2nd Place - Jan Doke and Karen Wyatt

3rd Place - Dai Lin Shu and Hilda Weber

  • Men's Doubles

1st Place - Lewis Forrest and Renard Kolaska

2nd Place - Jack Licata and Patrick McPhail

3rd Place - Dick Manasseri and Vic Wittkowski

Happy New Year 2009 Tournament Results