January 24, 2009

USAPA Welcomes New Member Dan Ross!

Dan Ross, pictured here with his wife USAPA Member Sally Sutley, is the 98th Michigan USAPA Member. Someday soon (maybe today?!?) Michigan is going to be 100 USA Pickleball Associations Members strong! Even the zero degree weather can't put a freeze on this action! Go Michigan Pickleball Players!

"Support Your Sport*! Join USAPA...just for the FUN of it!"

USAPA Membership Application

*Full Disclosure Statement: USAPA Ambassadors Owen and Patty Papke created the new Great Lakes Pickleball slogan: "Support Your Sport!" A great slogan and a great message for Great Lakes Pickleball! Thank you Owen and Patty! But just this once I'm going to put my full disclosure statement in fine print (shhhhhhhh don't tell Dick) -- for me its not really about the sport -- its ALL about the people. And MI Pickleball has the BEST of the Best of the Best people -- including Owen and Patty! Yesterday I had a blast watching three professionals Beth Lawson, Lisa McCoy, and Kyle Middleton referee pickleball! These women even have striped ref shirts in their closets! My players know that I'm the "non". The non-sports pickleball player aka a recreational player. I play piickleball because it is a FUN and social way to stay fit. Dan and Sally, both highly skilled competitive players, are two of the many BEST reasons I fell in love with the SPORT of PICKLEBALL ! PICKLEBALL truly is the SPORT for ALL ages and ALL players -- recreational and competitive!! Save the Date: March 27! OPC Rochester is hosting a FUN Recreational Pickleball Tournament on Friday, March 27! A good day for me to wear the princess PINK striped shirt hanging in my closet :) ! Yours in pickleball, Janet Razz aka princess ref