January 6, 2009

Virtual AND Real 2009 Pickleball Karaoke Parties

The Michigan Senior Olympics Social is a Pizza and Karaoke Party, Tuesday, February 3, 2009! The Tanglewood Pickleball Club, in FL has created a song AND dance, "The Tanglewood Crawl"! IF the Tanglewood FL Pickleball Players create a You Tube Video of their song and dance...THEN the MI Pickleball Players will clap along and we will have a USAPA South Atlantic to USAPA Great Lakes Region virtual Karaoke Party! AND DANCE! Special thanks to Bob Northop and Melissa Muha, USAPA SW Michigan Ambassadors and MSO DanceSport Directors for initiating and organizing the MSO Pizza and Karaoke Party!

Virtual AND Real 2009 Pickleball Karaoke Parties!