February 3, 2009

Gold Medal Team of Photographers!

Michigan Senior Olympic
2009 Winter Pickleball Games are still in progress.

Results are being posted on the USAPA tournament pages at:

A "Gold Medal Team of Photographers"
is chronicling the Celebration of Athletes.

Glen Drellishak

Gary Grobson

Mark Maxwell

Dennis Troskak

Stan Wilson

The MI Pickleball Players recognize the years of training and experience that these men have invested in their skill and extends deep application to for their Volunteer service. Their work will be posted soon. Meanwhile please enjoy these 'first fruits' that arrived via email from Amy Kessler. If you have Pickleball Victory Stories and/or photos you would like posted on MI Pickleball, please email them to MIPickleball@gmail.com

Enjoy the Games! Enjoy the Glory!

Bronze! Mixed Doubles 50-54 John and Jenny Martin

Silver! Mixed Doubles 50-54 Patrick McPhail and Clare Bushman

Gold! Mixed Doubles 50-54 Steve and Beth Mosshart

Michigan Senior Olympic 2009 Winter Pickleball