February 22, 2009

Snowbirds and Picklers Across the Nations PLUS MI Pickleball Challenge Match: MI Winter vs MI Spring

Dear MI Pickleball Players,

If you are home sweet home, you don't have to read the blog or listen to the news to know we've had MORE MI SNOW. So I posted a flower garden photo offering the hope of Spring! What's the ole rhyme..."March winds and April showers bring May flowers..."

Holding on to the hope of Spring, I've turned off the weather channel and turned my attention to what's happening for some of our MI Snowbirds and Picklers across the Nations...

South Atlantic Region Picklers in Sebring, Florida are preparing, with Ref Training Sessions, for their first USAPA Sanctioned (Tier 4) Tourney, The Heartland Senior Games, March 6. The Tourney Director and Lead Referee is our Canadian neighbor, a Port Perry, ON Snowbird and USAPA Board Member/E-Newsletter Chair Wayne Roswell.
MI Picklers are fond of this HOT News, in part, because Sebring, FL is home to the Tanglewood Club -- the club with spring in their steps! The Sebring Picklers originated the Tanglewood Crawl! We've shared MI/FL Virtual Karaoke Parties! We share a love for Richard "MO" Movsessian (ONLY Tanglewood actually received live-in-person coaching from MO! Read about it here: http://usapa.org/south/2009/02/more-with-mo.html !!)

MI Picklers love the Tanglewood Motto: "We play Pickleball with relish, put mustard on our serves and when behind play ketchup."
"X-Michigander" ( "x-" ?!? ...you can take the Pickler out of the Mitten, but you can't take being smitten by the Mitten out of the Pickler!) USAPA South Atlantic Regional Ambassador Dick "Greenie" Greenfield is playing and playing up the Sebring FL Tourney. Some of you have played in "Great Lakes Region Showcase Events". Greenie upped the friendly rivalry MI has going with FL boasting:

  • "South Atlantic Florida's 1st Tier 4 Sanctioned USAPA Heartland Senior Games - A Sunshine Event...just for the (S)UN of it!! HA! HA!"
GO Tanglewood, Sebring FL!
The Great Lakes Region has 3 local blogs, MI, WI, and Ontario. Wayne Roswell and Tony Sequeira host the Ontario blog. And (as the OPC Rochester players will testify) I don't know how to put batteries in a camera without help, so I sure would have never figured out blogger without Wayne! In appreciation, here's a photo that will warm your day and make the FL SUN a little brighter for Wayne, too.

GO Ontario!

Five Smiling Puce Picklers
Visiting the MSO Games at OPC Rochester, MI

More HOT news on a COLD MI day. Arizonia Senior Olympics Pickleball Games are PopPiNg this week. Great Lakes Snowbirds on the AZ Players List include: Bob and Sue Cary (SE MI), Dan Clemence (SW MI), Doug Kant (MI) Joyce Sickle (SW MI), Stan Volkens (OH), David and Gloria Leach (MN).

More on the AZ Players List you might recognize include:

  • USAPA Board Member/Training Chair Norm Davis

  • USAPA Board Member/Rules Chair Dennis Duey

  • USAPA Board Member/President Mark Friedenberg

  • USAPA Board Member/Ambassadors Earl Hill

  • USAPA Board Member/Marketing David Jordan

  • USAPA Board Member/Membership Nancy Jordan

  • USAPA Board Member/Secretary Fran Myer

Arizona Senior Olympic Players featured on USAPA Training Room clips include: Alan Christensen and Wayne Muggli.
Remember playing MSO 2008 Summer Pickleball Games with Kathy Kaufman? Kathy is on the ASO Players List and so is Mary Littlewood. Pat and Rock Kane are playing and Spike Christensen. WHO ELSE!?!

On an aside (to prove I earn my reputation as a party pooper) for fun, when I'm not reading the Rules, I read the Ref Schedules. Look at some of the Big Gun names on the AZ Ref Schedule: Dennis Duey, Earl Hill, Mark Friedenberg, Pat and Rock Kane, Nancy Muggli, Fran Myer, David Jordon, Bill and Jan Booth...

Watching these Refs in action is even more inviting to me than the AZ sunshine!

For HOT News closer to home, read about The Great Lakes Region's 200+ USAPA Members Don't miss the sidebar featuring an MSO Slideshow by MI USAPA Member Stan Wilson, Jr. Click on the photo of Stan to enjoy his masterful artwork!

GO Great Lakes!

Whether the weather is sunny or snowy there's not another among the Nations with 6 (count them 6!!!!!!) Pickleball Tournaments between now and the beginning of Summer. Two of the Tournaments, Hartland MI and Northville MI, are USAPA Sanctioned (Tier 4). Auburn Hills MI, June 13, is likely to be USAPA Sanctioned soon! And 6 of the 7 Tournaments offer a $5! or $10! discount for USAPA Members!!!!!! Registration Flyers: MI Pickleball Competitive and Recreational Tournaments
Go MI!
This is intentionally the longest post I've ever written. I wanted to keep typing until I knew the Winner of the MI Winter vs MI Spring Challenge Match: The Bright Sunday Morning MI Sun vs The Cold MI Snow!!

A little more snow on your window sills?!?

Think MI Spring ACTION Pickleball Ladders
!! Spring Morning Action! Spring Novice Action! Spring Action Nights! Each of the three OPC Rochester Pickleball Ladders offer 10 Weeks of Games PLUS an Award Banquet with FOOD! Each week, you play 3 round robin games to 15, win by 1, with players of similar skill level. This gives you about an hour of sustained court time. Registration Flyers: OPC Rochester MI Spring ACTION Pickleball Ladders!!!
No dry pavement yet?!?

Michigan Senior Olympic "Fire and ICE" Photo Albums
I asked God, if it was going to keep snowing until Singing Pickleball Pete returned home to MI from FL. Maybe yesterday was the last MI snow of the season, because......guess who's back!!!

Stay off the Spring ice, 'stay out of the kitchen', and stay in the Game -- Spring is only 27 days away. And you have 2 MI Pickleball Tournaments to keep you warm between now and then -- Waterford, March 13! and OPC, March 20!

Yours in pickleball, Janet Razz