March 17, 2009

An Irish Pickleball Ballad by The O'riginal Picklettes!!! Sandy! Sue! Jeanne!

An Irish Pickleball Ballad


The O'riginal Picklettes
Sandy! Sue! Jeanne!

When you're playing pickleball
All the world seems BRIGHT and GAY
It's the fastest growing sport you know
That people like to playyyyyye

It began with a dog named Pickles
Who liked to run and play
He lived on Bainbridge Island
In the good ole USA

He liked to fetch the ball and hide
He raaaaan all around
The kids would yell at him to STOP!
And the ball'd be on the ground

So get your pickleball racket
And call your friends today
To come over to the OPC
So thaaaaat you can playyyy

When pickleball people are playing
They take my breath away,
They're the nicest funniest people,
I thank God for them each dayaaaa

We've all been playing pickleball
Its' been an awesome scene
We've learned a lot from all of you
Larry, Clare, and Gene

Let's cheer the USAPA
When you serve don't have a "let"
Because we're pickle-holics
We've become The Picklettes

We want to take a moment
To honor people who plan it
Let's hear it for our favoooooorites
Our Dicky and our Janet

Thank you allllllllll for coming
To the OPC tonight
We've had a lot of fun with you
We hope we've been all right

Let's all get up and cheer our best
And yell it through the halls
The very beeeeest sport around
Is our awesome pickleball!