March 27, 2009

MI Pickleball All Star Cast!!! Future Features?!? YouTube Pickleball News!?!

Dear Dick,

Wayne Roswell has permanently raised the bar.

Your next edition of 'Pickleball News by Dick Manasseri' will have to be performed and recorded on YouTube. We can catch the crowd with a lead in song by 'The Manasseri Family Singers'.
  • Singing Pickleball Pete, with his engaging voice and winning charm, is sure to grab the attention of the audience as he sings the bullet points.
  • Chuck and Steve, wearing their Gumbel Gherkins shirts, can do a little 'straight man stand-up comedy' inviting players to the ref training.
  • Each Tourney Director can announce the name of their Tourney with a 'ta-da' -- styling the course line-up after the Mickey Mouse Club role call.
  • The O'riginal Picklettes will WoW 'em singing the recreational announcements.
  • And the introduction of New Ambassadors -- well "ever a surprise... ... ..."
We'll never be as good as Wayne...but even the longest newsletter is a short and entertaining video, we have an ALL STAR cast, and I've seen you Ambassador -- you can dance!
Yours in pickleball, Janet Razz