March 31, 2009

MI Pickleball Referee Corps Manager

Dear MI Pickleball Players and Refs,

Some of you have pickleball referee experience, others have expressed interest in pickleball referee training. Thank You!

Steve Balasia and Don Ritter are training refs for the upcoming SE Michigan pickleball tournaments, including the MSO 2009 Summer Pickleball Games.

Don Ritter is serving as the SE Michigan "Pickleball Referee Corps Manager". Don is taking responsibility for contacting players with referee news, including updates on rule clarifications, referee training and referee volunteer opportunities.

Here is a sample question from Don Ritter's Referee Training Questionnaire:
  • "It is not a fault when the server misses the ball while trying to hit it." True or False?!?

Now, 'just for the FUN of it', the first player to email me with the correct answer, "true or false", wins a spring green pickleball. And the first Lead Ref to cite the Rule wins a sunshine orange pickleball.

Ready! Set!! Go!!!

Yours in pickleball, Janet Razz


  • Winning Answer: "False" Marilyn Holladay, MI at 7:47am
  • Winning Answer: "4E1" Wayne Roswell, FL at 7:48am

4.E. Service Faults. During the service, it is a fault if:

4.E.1. The server misses the ball when trying to hit it. If the ball lands on the ground without the server swinging at the ball, it is not a fault.

You can be a Winner too! If you would like your name added to the list of players receiving Don Ritter's rules/refs updates, please email your contact information to