March 30, 2009

SE Michigan Inter-Community Pickleball League

SE Michigan Ambassadors,

Are you getting any positive feedback on the formation of the Inter-Community Pickleball League?

I am.

For Rochester and Troy, the consensus is that Monday evening 6-9pm would be a good time for weekly league play.

Troy has lined Pickleball courts available, and Rochester is working on getting access to tennis courts that can be taped starting June 1st.

Troy has 8 women who intend to form two teams by recruiting 8 men.
There is likely enough interest in Rochester for 2 teams as well.

We need to get the contact info for your team captains so that we can arrange for the League Development Meeting on Saturday April 18th at 10am in Waterford.

Please check with your local contacts and let me and Gary Bejin know what your players want to do regarding Inter-Community play this summer.

-Dick Manasseri