March 1, 2009

Subject: Pickleball! "Two gentlemen are in"

I'm lucky! I get copied on lively pickleball conversations from across the Nations. Yesterday, I received an email with a subject line that reads: "Two gentlemen are in" from our friends Wayne Roswell (ON/FL) and Greenie (FL/MI).

Wayne of Tanglewood fame, is the Tourney Director for the upcoming Heartland FL Tourney on March 6! (Not to be confused with the Hartland MI Tourney on April 11. Both the Heartland FL and the Hartland MI Tounaments are USAPA Sanctioned Tier 4!) I understood from the email that Wayne worked his wonders and fit two gentlemen in the draw for his March 6th Tourney.

The email conversation traveled off topic, around a few corners, and down a different path, so I never questioned the subject line that reads: "Two gentlemen are in".

UNTIL I received a phone call from Greenie...that also traveled off topic, around a few corners, and down a different path...

UNTIL I finally came back full circle to "Two gentlemen are in"!

Guess who the "Two gentlemen" are!?!


  • The "Two gentlemen" created the Westsiders vs Eastsiders Pickleball Challenge
  • The "Two gentlemen" are Threepeat Plus Pickleball Champions
  • The "Two gentlemen" do play...for the FL SUN and MI FUN of it! And they also play to WIN!


"Two gentlemen are in"

Patrick McPhail and Jack Licata

"Have fun storming the castle, boys!!"

MI Pickleball Players are cheering for you!!

Please ask Carol and Gayle to double hug and cheeky kiss Wayne and Greenie for me! I'm pickle green with envy that you guys are in FL enjoying Wayne's hospitality! And Tourney with 100+ Picklers! WoWie ZoWie Wayne! How did that happen!?!

Bring me home a Mt Olive Pickle Prize :) !

Yours in pickleball, Janet Razz with the grit of a Westsider and the class (or was that sass) of an Eastsider. You can take the gal out of the Westside -- but you can't take the Westside out of the gal :) ! xox