April 3, 2009

Opening Day: OPC Rochester Spring ACTION Pickleball Ladders

a. hippies at a bus stop?!?
b. pickleball players
s t r e t c h i n g !?!
Dear OPC Rochester Spring ACTION Pickelball Ladder Players,

We all know that warm-ups/cool-downs, stretching and relaxing are an important part of every fitness routine. However, pickleball players really do have brains that become somewhat rewired when we get the paddle in our hands and see an available court, or wall for that matter. This morning, is 'opening day' for the OPC Rochester Spring ACTION Pickleball Ladder Tournaments. I have the appropriate 'opening day' jitters and the appropriate 'opening day' prayers for each player's health and well being!

78 Players are registered to fill the OPC Rochester Spring ACTION Pickleball Ladder courts. WoWie ZoWie! 50 of those 78 are USA Pickleball Association Members. Each skill level is represented from the beginner that took one introductory lesson to the Spring "A"ction Singles Player. There are a lot of numbers involved in managing the ladders, stats, scores, percentages, rankings, ticket numbers, times, court numbers, foursomes, even phone numbers...but numbers never tell the real story. The real story is told by, YOU, the individuals players on the awesome player list. There is a deep sense of privilege and honor to be among you.

Its fair to say the SE Michigan pickleball community is building relationships with one another that are 'holy' - set apart. Like all families 'being together multiplies joys and divides troubles'. One of my favorite authors, George MacDonald teaches: "There is no massing of men with God. When He speaks of gathered men, it is as a spiritual body, not as a mass." Same apples with pickleball players. Okay -- I'm getting as mushy as this banana I'm eating. (You are eating a healthy breakfast before getting on the courts - right!?!) Enough mush. I'm scheduled to play in less than an hour, at 9:00am, and I'm still sitting here in my 'jamas finishing off my almond butter on toast.

Opening Day of a three month season of OPC Pickleball! FUN! Friends!! Fitness!!!

Ready! Set!! PLAY Spring ACTION Pickleball!!!

Yours in pickleball, Janet Razz