April 8, 2009

Kalamazoo Doubles Pickleball Tournament

SPECIAL SPONSOR NEWS: the Spicy Pickle is providing all participants with a box lunch on Saturday, a T-Shirt & coupons! It just keeps getting better!

Thank you to all of you who have expressed interest in being a Referee for the first ever Kalamazoo Doubles Pickleball Tournament! If you would like to volunteer as a Referee please respond via email picklemaster@where2pickle.org

Can you compete & Referee at the tournament? Yes, we will work the referee schedule so that you will be free to compete!

Training will consist of a one hour training session followed by some "on court" referee work! You will receive training materials that include a current copy of the rules. Referees will be needed during tournament play on Saturday the 30th of May. We will have four shifts of four refs - the length of the shift will be determined by the number of matches that will be played.

Training will be Wednesday, May 6th from 6-7pm at the Maple Street YMCA. If you cannot make that session, I will work with you individually.

Being a good referee makes the competitors happy! We will focus on the rules and being an excellent observer of each match.

You may view the training outline at this link: http://where2pickle.org/training.pdf This material was developed by USAPA Member Don Ritter and USAPA Member Steve Balasia.

In advance of the training session, please read and re-read the USAPA Pickleball Rules at this link: http://usapa.org/officialrules/

Best regards,
Bob Northrop & Melissa Muha
Pickleball Ambassadors of Kalamazoo & Portage