April 23, 2009

"Superb!" MI Pickleball Community of Players

"Today's pickleball clinic was superb! The way the assembly was broken into controlled groups on the 4 courts was an excellent idea. Everyone got a chance to practice whatever points were being emphasized (taught) and were even able to have their moves individually critiqued. Quite an accomplishment for that size crowd. And, you know, it was good to see a lot of OPC’s seasoned players in attendance. Those are the smart ones who realize that no matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement. As for me, I surely picked up a lot of good tips. Thanks to all! Well done!" Maryanne O’D

This heartfelt note of appreciation came to my inbox, after today's Instructional Skills Clinic presented by USAPA Members Vic Wittkowski, Lynn Wittkowski, and Jim Luzod. I'm in full agreement! Today was a gift! The Clinic was BRILLIANT! Over 80 Pickleball Players set aside all other cares and pleasures to enter into a celebration of pickleball for three glorious hours, on this the 2nd "nice day of Spring" after a long, cold, snowy winter. The sheer volume of "active and smiling" seniors created a sense of awe at the grandeur of the Michigan Great Lakes Pickleball Community of Players. WoWie! ZoWiE!

Photos and Vic's training outline will be posted soon, but for now I just need to echo Maryanne O’D and say "Thanks to all! Well Done!" Thanks to the USA Pickleball Association for being the live energy behind the the sport! Thanks to Ann Robertson for joining the USAPA at the Clinic and becoming the 181st Michigan USAPA Member! Thanks to Dick Manasseri for his vision and leadership! Thanks to OPC Rochester for their ever generous hospitality! Thanks to the Senior Centers, Community Centers, and Parks & Rec Departments of SE Michigan that filled the information table with flyers boasting sizzling summer pickleball! Thanks to Vic, Lynn, and Jim for sharing their knowledge, skill, and exemplary court etiquette!!! Thanks to The Players for being a FANTASTIC community and "ever a surprise!" Thanks to USAPA Members Jim and Yvonne Hackenberg for driving in from Kalamazoo - a pleasure to meet you! Thanks to Gary and Pam Piger, of Lapeer, for bringing a group of friends to learn more about playing the game we love -- PICKLEBALL!

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Pickleball Skills Clinic Outline by Vic Wittkowski: