May 17, 2009

MI OUTDOOR Pickleball! MI Spring Joy 2009!

One of the things I love about being the OPC Rochester Pickleball Ladder Manager is that I'm often among the first to hear when a new grandbaby graces the world with joy! We welcome the grandbabies into our arms, our hearts, and our schedules. I'm also privileged to hear of grandchildren's concerts, sporting events, and graduations. The love that is born with the baby grows, and grows, and grows with the child. So indulge me as I use my own sweet grandbaby to demonstrate the wonder and the challenge Spring weather presents to MI OUTDOOR Pickleball games. These two photos, taken in the same week, demonstrate MI Spring 2009 Sweatshirt and Swimsuit Weather sharing time and space. And demonstrate that I'm a Grannie 1st and being a Pickler is a distant 2nd :) !

MI OUTDOOR Pickleball is growing! Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!! Grab your sweatshirt, grab your sunscreen and grab a game at one of the MI OUTDOOR courts striped with pickleball lines or one of the MI OUTDOOR courts picklers have permission to tape.

  • Ada Township Park (striped - Thank You!)
  • Auburn Hills Community Center Tennis Courts (tape)
  • Coldwater Heritage Park (?)
  • Durand Holiday Shores RV Park (striped - Thank You!)
  • East Lansing Michigan Athletic Club (?)
  • Farmington Hills High School (?)
  • Holland Maatman Center Tennis Courts (?)
  • Holland West Middle School (?)
  • Hartland Senior Center (?)
  • Muskegon Tanglewood Park (?)
  • Oak Park Recreation (?)
  • Oxford Seymour Lake Twp Park (?)
  • Portage Lexington-Green Park (striped - Thank You!)
  • Rochester Bordon Park (tape)
  • Rochester Brookwood Country Club (striped - Thank You!)
  • Royal Oak Upton Park (striped - Thank You!)
  • Saginaw Township White Pine Middle School (?)
  • Traverse City YMCA (striped - Thank You!)
  • Troy Baker Middle School (striped - Thank You!)
  • Troy Smith Middle School (striped - Thank You!)
  • Wolverine Lake (striped - Thank You!)

Where else!?! Please post your MI OUTDOOR Pickleball additions/corrections as a comment, email them to , or update the USAPA MI Places to Play page found here:

Enjoy the wonder and the challenge of playing MI OUTDOOR Pickleball in our MI Spring weather. Maybe even with those delightful 'younger friends' that own our hearts!

MI OUTDOOR Pickleball!

MI Spring Joy 2009!