May 20, 2009

MI Pickleball Nears 200 USAPA Members!

Today's USA Pickleball Association homepage "In the News" top story features a video clip of Pickleball in San Diego, CA. Nothing beats Michigan's Spring weather, so the California SUN wasn't the first thing to WOW me about this video -- it was the Pickleball dedicated OUTDOOR courts that caught my eye and flushed my cheeks pickle-green with envy.

In Michigan, playing pickleball indoors on badminton courts or outdoors on striped/taped tennis courts, we have an abundance of lines. MI Pickleball is like a '2 for 1 sale'. Play MI Pickleball to get FANTASTIC physical exercise and (along with a bowl of MI Traverse City cherries) a healthy dose of dementia prevention is thrown into the mix :) ! Like doing a crossword puzzle, the challenge of figuring out which lines we are playing exercises our cognitive function. We take the expression "Go Figure" to a new level.

Michiganders are obviously up to the challenge! MI Pickleball is nearing the 200 USAPA Member mark...and 'we've only just begun'! After all -- we are getting younger everyday we play Pickleball! And because of the volunteer efforts and energy of Michigan's USAPA Members, the opportunities to play Pickleball everyday are growing! MI Places to Play Pickleball WoWie ZoWIe!! Who knows we may even see Michigan Pickleball dedicated OUTDOOR courts sprouting up soooooooooooon! Spring is in the air!

  • 193 __________

  • 194 __________

  • 195 __________

  • 196 __________

  • 197 __________

  • 198 __________

  • 199 __________

  • 200 __________

Pure Michigan Pickleball!

Go USAPA Members! Thank you for making it happen!