May 14, 2009

Portage Pickleball -- Picture Perfect Outdoor Courts!

Portgage Pickleball Demo Clinics


May 12, 2009

View the Demo Clinic slide show here:

Lexington-Green Park is located in the Lexington-Green neighborhood of northeast Portage and contains a ball field, basketball and tennis courts, play equipment, 2 Pickleball courts, as well as trails, picnic shelters and restroom facilities. Located at 1750 Pittsford Street, north of Milham off Meredith on Pittsford.

"Thank you to all who helped at the first Pickleball Clinics that were held May 12th, 2009! We had 50 players came to the clinics! Smashing! We also wish to thank Portage Parks and Recreation and the Portage Senior Center for their support! Without their continuing support playing outdoors at Lexington Green Park would not be possible. Enjoy the photos!" Melissa Muha.

SW Michigan USAPA Ambassadors/Members that participated in the Demo Clinics include Bob Northrop (Kalamazoo), Dick Draigh (Grand Rapids), Bruce Redman (Barry County), Dan Clemence (Battle Creek) and Melissa Muha (Portage).

Read more about Kalamazoo and Portage Pickleball, including the current Players List for the May 30th Kalamazoo Spicy Pickle-Ball Tournament here: