May 1, 2009

"Transitions" USAPA E-Newsletter May 2009

Transitions—Thank You Earl—Welcome Dick

USA Pickleball Association E-Newsletter May 2009

Earl Hill has decided to step-down from his USAPA Board role as Director of International/National Relations & Head of the Ambassadors Program. Earl will continue to support the USAPA in several ways including serving on the National Tournament Committee and continuing to recruit new Ambassadors. Earl created the Ambassador Program as you might expect from one of the true pioneers of the USAPA. We all owe Earl a debt of gratitude for his many contributions to Pickleball as a leader, a mentor, and as a player.

One of Earl’s recruits, Dick Manasseri, Great Lakes Regional Ambassador, has been appointed to head the Ambassadors Program and to serve on the USAPA Board as the Director of International/National Relations. Dick will work with the Regional Ambassadors to facilitate the rapid growth of Pickleball in North America; he will also coordinate collaborative efforts among the emerging Pickleball programs on other continents.