June 17, 2009

Michigan Pickleball News: June 2009

Michigan Pickleball News

Marilyn Holladay is now the Editor for Pickleball News.
Please contact Marilyn with comments and articles that you would like to have included. holladaym@mac.com Marilyn is now the Director for Rankings on USAPA Board too. Thank you, Marilyn, for stepping forward to accept these two important positions that serve the Pickleball community – Dick Manasseri

Marilyn Holladay

Action Required This Week

Auburn Hills Senior Service Skills Clinic with Lewis Forrest – June 20
This clinic is limited to 16 players.
The Community Media Network is planning on a big production set up for the Pickleball clinic. The Kalamazoo clinic was really good, and that was only an hour – having a whole afternoon is going to be FANTASTIC!!

The Michigan Senior Olympics are fast approaching. For information on the Players List and the Players Announcements see the following link:

Remember that this is highest level sanctioned tournament in the Great Lakes Region, so now is the time to join/renew the USAPA so that you will be eligible for National Ranking Points.

Many ranking points go unclaimed in tournaments every month. After hours of practice and ladder play to prepare for a tournament, some players sweat through a number of matches and walk away with a medal but no ranking points. Why? Only members of USAPA receive points.

Ranking points are awarded at USAPA sanctioned tournaments. As players, we benefit from this through the fact that sanctioning promotes better organization, level of play and trained officiating. With four tiers of tournaments, players can choose a tournament appropriate to their own experience. Michigan has tournaments nearly every month. Players have ample opportunity to win points.

In tournaments that do not require USAPA membership, there are usually many ranking points that go unclaimed. It is easy to become a member of USAPA, a simple application and $20 fee. In most cases, the forms are available at the tournament. As member, and especially as tournament organizers, we should encourage players to join. Membership gives access to ranking points, a t-shirt, monthly e-newsletter, but more importantly it brings a sense of camaraderie that will help the sport grow among seniors and younger players alike.

SEMPL (Southeast Michigan Pickleball League) Standings
Six teams from Southeast Michigan have been divided into two divisions for weekly Pickleball play. There has been excitement galore with some evenings ending with a closely fought final match for the overall win. The standings after the first round of play:
  • Northville - 2 wins/0 losses - points for 217/points against 127
  • Waterford - 1 win/1 loss - points for 193/points against 170
  • Hartland - 0 wins/2 losses - points for 115/points against 228


  • Rochester - 1 win/1 loss - points for 193/points against 132
  • Royal Oak - 1 win/1 loss - points for 180/points against 172
  • Troy - 1 win/1 loss - points for 162/points against 225

Some teams have the best 8 players representing them, others are based more on interest and gender balance, but whichever way the future of SEMPL heads, it will be source of fun and team spirit.

Auburn Hills Report
More than 40 players gathered together in Auburn Hills June 14th for the Auburn Hills Summer Smash. 14+ Men’s Singles, 14+ Mixed Generation Doubles, and 50+ Mixed Doubles events were played throughout the day in the warmth and gorgeous sunshine. USAPA Ambassador Michelle Pozan organized the day including great food, raffle prizes, free massages and plenty of Pickleball. A report and pictures will be posted later this week on the Auburn Hills site: http://www.auburnhills.org/departments/seniors/default.aspx

Pickleball Goodies! New Option for Local Paddles Purchases

Remember that USAPA Member Tom Valentine’s Pickleball Goodies is now open for business as our first local distributor selling various models from all four paddle manufacturers: Pro-Lite, Pickleball Inc., SType, and Spike.

Tom will bring the shopping experience to you where you play in SE Michigan so that you can see and try the various options. Prices start at $36 and Tom is offering USAPA Members a 6% discount. Buy Michigan! http://usapa.org/file/mi/Pickleball_Goodies.pdf

Please consider using safety eyewear when you play. Even though Pickleball is a relatively safe game, occasionally accidents happen. Why not invest in safety glasses like the type used in Racquetball.

GREAT LAKES REGIONAL TOURNAMENT scheduled for the end of August in Bloomfield Hills has been postponed.


ANN ARBOR PICKLEBALL DROP-IN Good news! Rec & Ed will hold Pickleball Drop-In on Monday evenings, 6:30-8:30 pm. from June 15 through August 3, 2009. The site is Scarlett Middle School at 3300 Lorraine Ave, Ann Arbor, 48108. Drop-In is currently for men & women ages 16+ over. Cost: $4 at the door (bring exact change), $3 online by noon on Monday. To register & pay online, go to http://www.aareced.com/. Look up activity # 5666.811. Rec & Ed has paddles & balls to use if you do not have your own. Questions? Contact Karen Draves, draves@aaps.k12.mi.us or 734-994-2300 x 53254. If you are paying at the door, please bring exact change!

The City of Birmingham has lined one of the tennis courts on Lincoln across from Westchester Street just east of Seaholm High School in Birmingham for Pickleball play. The court is reserved on Tuesdays for BASCC (Birmingham Senior Center) players from 12:00-3:00 pm. Non BASCC members are encouraged to join our group or they can reserve the court through the City of Birmingham at 2300 E. Lincoln or fax reservations to 248-530-1641. If you have any questions contact Connie Folk at the City of Birmingham 248-530-1642.


Rochester Pickleball Program Organizers/Teachers/ Mentors

We have an opportunity to support a program in Rochester for Family Pickleball on the weekends starting in the Fall, as well as, an Intramural program for Grades 6-8.

If you would like to volunteer to be part of the Teacher/Mentor Corps associated with these programs, please contact Dick at dmanasseri@usapa.org . Your support will allow us to reach dozens of new players of all ages via these programs.