July 19, 2009

Chi Pickleball Enthusiast

Dear MI Pickleball Players,

Approaching my 1 year anniversary as a USA Pickleball Association Member, my gratitude to the Michigan Pickleball Community can not be overstated.

Those of you that share the courts with me, know it's still a challenge for me to keep my eye on the ball and my focus on the game. I do much better when I don't talk...but that rarely happens.

Friday, playing with Alex across from Dai Lin and Marlene, I missed so many 'easy' shots - I was sure I'd be better off taking up knitting. However, one of the many beauties of pickleball is that being a "good player" or a "good athlete" isn't a prerequisite for enjoying the sport..."just for the FUN of it!"

I'm the quintessential recreational pickleball player. That's why my profile reads "Chi Pickleball Enthusiast" rather than "Pickleball Pro" :) !

"Chi Pickleball Enthusiast"!?!

Chi has many meanings - mostly it means life!

Pickleball has many meanings - mostly it means FUN, friends, and fitness!!!

Enthusiast has many meanings - mostly it means a person happy to take part in and share an activity and/or an idea...

The life pickleball brings to me and the life I bring to pickleball is filled with FUN, friends, and fitness. I'm happy about that!

Yours in pickleball, Janet Razz

  • Sunny Sunday 2:00 PM Pick-up Pickleball Games
  • Auburn Hills Community Center OUTDOOR Courts
  • ALL Skill Levels and ALL Ages Welcome!

*** Follow Up ***

13 Plickers played the Auburn Hills OUTDOOR Courts on this gorgeous SUNNY Sunday afternoon. 13 Picklers enjoying the physical and social fitness benefits of PICKLEBALL -raising HDL, lowering blood pressure, and building stronger bones AND BONDS!

The Michigan Summer WIND put a challenging spin on the action, introducing two newly formed Mixed Generation (MXG) Teams, Sandy/Luke and RaZz/SteZ, to OUTDOOR MI Pickleball..."just for the inter-generational FUN of it!"