July 19, 2009

Cross Training!! Pickleball and DanceSport!!

Picklers continue to enjoy and recommend Mark Maxwell's Live Long Live Well (LLLW) 30 minute introduction to Pickleball!

"Pickleball is a great game that is fun for all ages and is rapidly becoming a phenomenon across the United States. It is played on a badminton court using a paddle and a wiffleball. It is a true "lifetime sport" that can help people both get and stay in shape. Host Mark Maxwell learns about the game from special guest Dick Manasseri, a Michigan Senior Olympics pickleball champion. This program covers the basics of the game and demonstrates both singles and doubles play."

Once again WoWing the MI Pickleball Community, Mark Maxwell documents MSO 2009 DanceSport. The MSO 2009 DanceSport Co-Directors are Pickleball's very own USAPA Ambassadors Melissa Muha and Bob Northrop!! WoW! Double WoW!! Talk about reaping the benefits of cross training!!
"LLLW went to the Michigan Senior Olympics 2009 DanceSport competition to learn about the world of ballroom dancing. Host Mark Maxwell was joined by two lovely ladies, his wife Sherry Maxwell and dancing expert Blaire Miller. The event was held at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan as part of the Senior Olympics Winter Games. Ballroom dancing is one of the most complete mind-body experiences that there is. It is an activity that engages both sides of the brain and has been linked to increased longevity."

Melissa Muha and Bob Northrop - Photo From MX09 By Stan Wilson, Jr

USAPA Ambassadors Melissa Muha and Bob Northrop are planning a Portage, Michigan Pickleball Tournament on October 2 and 3rd!!