July 1, 2009

Destination "PoP! POp!" OR "R&R" Redefined

Does the destination your sweetie picked for your long awaited for second honeymoon "just happen" to coincide with the USAPA National Tournament !?!

Our 'younger friends' popularized "destination weddings". Pickers are popularizing destination vacations focused on PICKLEBALL possibilities! For those of us seriously infected with PickleballMania, our GPS is set to the sound of the "PoP! POp!" on the paddle!

This post is dedicated to Papa Razz, my beloved Kiddos, and ALL of the faithful non-pickleball playing family members that have seen their loved one infected with a strange "mania" that has them looking up USAPA Places to Play before they plan the family vacation.

A humorous look at the addictive nature of pickleball.

Father and son relax at Sleepy Bear Dunes,

while mother pickles at the Traverse City YMCA.