July 26, 2009

The Joy of Pickleball in the Park! By Dick Manasseri

RARA Greater Rochester Pickleball Fest

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!! The Joy of Pickleball in the Park !!

The OPC Health and Wellness Community now have an opportunity to support the Greater Rochester Community by sharing their enthusiasm and skills at the RARA Greater Rochester Pickleball Fest, August 26-30, 2009 at the Rochester Municipal Park Tennis Courts.

There will be a Free Clinic on Wednesday August 26th at 9am followed by Recreational Speed Pickleball for Seniors 50+ on Thursday at 9am. It would be great to have a large showing of Novice and Intermediate Senior players in the Park enjoying the game that they've learned at the OPC.

For Intermediate and Advanced OPC players, the RARA Pickleball Fest offers a USAPA Sanctioned (Tier 4) Tournament. The Senior Divisions 50+ and 65+ include Men's and Women's Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Men's and Women's Singles. Pickleball players will be able to enjoy the fun of good competition in the evening starting at 5pm on Wednesday through Saturday and on Saturday at 9am.

For OPC players that want to introduce the game to their families, the RARA Pickleball Fest will also include Sunday afternoon Mixed Generation play where the team members should be from different generations. This is the perfect time for us to partner up with our children and/or grandchildren and get the whole family and the greater Rochester neighboring to witness the joy of Pickleball in the Park.

On Sunday evening, we even have a chance to support our grandchildren and their friends in the Youth Division Games.

There are 19+ Divisions too.

OPC players can help make the RARA Pickleball Fest in August a successful first step that we can continue in the Fall by supporting the Rochester Community School Enrichment Program's offering of the Rochester Pickleball Club for families every Saturday afternoon at Rochester Adams High School starting on September 12th as well as a new Pickleball Intramural Program at Hart Middle School.

We are grateful to the OPC for getting us started with Pickleball and now the OPC and its members have the chance to promote the health, fitness, and social benefits to the entire community by circulating the flyers, encouraging participation, volunteering and, most of all, by playing in the RARA Greater Rochester Pickleball Fest.

RARA is generously offering a $5 discount to all USAPA Members.

Thanks for your support,
Dick Manasseri
USAPA Director