July 8, 2009

Michigan Senior Olympics: Men's Doubles Pickleball Games

Michigan Senior Olympics

Men's Doubles Pickleball Games

July 8, 2009

MSO Player List

MD PHOTOS By Stan Wilson, Jr

Men's Doubles 50-54

  • GOLD Ronald Callison and Mark McClure

Men's Doubles 55-59

  • GOLD Gary Piger and Michael Rusaw
  • SILVER Ed Cova and Wayne Hoskins
  • BRONZE Steve Balasia and Chuck Gumbel

Men's Doubles 60-64

  • GOLD Gary Bejin and Renard Kolasa
  • SILVER Jack Licata and Patrick McPhail
  • BRONZE Thomas Crowley and Apollo Ionas

Men's Doubles 65-69

  • GOLD Doug Kant and Morgan Robins
  • SILVER Dan Clemence and John Ulrich
  • BRONZE Owen Papke and Frank Palazzola

Men's Doubles 70-74

  • GOLD Hans Spata and William Viccars