July 7, 2009

Michigan Senior Olympics: Women's Doubles Pickleball Gamess

Michigan Senior Olympics

Women's Doubles Pickleball Games

July 7, 2009

MSO Player List

WD PHOTOS By Stan Wilson, Jr

Women's Doubles 50-54

  • GOLD Nancy Roberton and Sook Wilkinson
  • SILVER Clare Bushman and Jan Doke
  • BRONZE Diane Moore and Patricia Secen

Women's Doubles 55-59

  • GOLD Dai Lin Shu and Hilda Weber
  • SILVER Ynonne Hackenberg and Melissa Muha
  • BRONZE Nancy Thoenes and Lynn Wittkowski

Women's Doubles 60-64

  • GOLD Jan Allard and Donna Clancy
  • SILVER Marilyn Holladay and Jacqueline Ingram
  • BRONZE Ann Robertson and Jeanne Rinehart

Women's Doubles 65-69

  • GOLD Carol Elias and Bonnie Heinz
  • SILVER Barbara Ash and Gloria Paddock
  • BRONZE Patricia Belanger and Marika Blumerick