July 13, 2009

SizZling Summer Pickleball: MSO PHOTOS and RESULTS

The MI Pickleball Community unanimously applauds the two athletes that spent the most time on the courts during the MSO 2009 Summer Pickleball Games:

USAPA Member Don Ritter, Referee Corps Manager


USAPA Member Stan Wilson, Jr., Gold Medal Photographer

Don and Stan, both OPC Rochester Top Ten Pickleball Ladder Players, gave the Games their full attention, energy and talent from morning to evening for four days straight.

The result of Don Ritter's dedication was demonstrated in each match receiving the individual attention of a USAPA trained referee, the overall integrity of the brackets, and high quality Games exemplifying good sports conduct. Special thanks goes to USAPA Member Steve Balasia AND USAPA Ambassador Bob Northrop for working, together with Don, to train Michigan's USAPA referees.

The Game RESULTS are posted here:

USAPA Tournament Results MSO 2009 Summer Games

Enjoy the PoP!

'A picture is worth a thousand words'! I can not even begin to imagine what over 500 pictures are worth! Stan Wilson, Jr. captured the SizZling Summer PICKLEBALL ACTION for all to enjoy and share with family, friends, and picklers across the nations. Each time I look at one of Stan's photos, my family hears me saying, "This one is my favorite! Look at how Stan captured the ball in the air!"

The Game PHOTOS are posted here:


Enjoy the PoP! POp!

Dick Manasseri, USAPA Board of Directors
Photo by Stan Wilson, Jr.

"The impact of Stan's and Don's tireless contributions to the MSO will be remembered for a long time to come. The buzz caused by the professional action photographs captured by Stan's expert eye is reverberating all over. People are discussing the vivid memories that this vivid photography evokes. The consistently high quality officiating delivered by Don's Referee Corps gave the USAPA sanctioned MSO the validation that the best players really did prevail. All of the players I spoke with were impressed by the referees who have become a well respected force within the Pickleball community." Dick Manasseri

Read more about Stan and see more of his masterful work here:

Foto Eye Productions, LLC

Enjoy the PoP! POp! Pop!

Do you have photos to share with Picklers and FANS!?! Email Janet Razz at MIPickleball@gmail.com to have your photos of the MSO Games added to the Players' Snaps Album.